Trunk // Standard

This ultimate tree trunk provides maximum entertainment and satisfaction to your cats' needs to climb, chase, hide and seek. Simply mount it onto your wall and see your cats go wild - no teaching required! 





  • Satisfies the need to climb 
    For cats, climbing is both instinctive & an intrinsic part of their physiology. Giving cats the opportunity to climb is a fundamental part of their well being, like walking your dog. Climbing comes naturally to cats, and should be part of their daily exercise routine. The Trunk is also wrapped in coir boucle carpet, which has a looped weave so that your cats are sure footed & confident when climbing.


  • Safe & comfortable
    The Trunk's internal compartments are finished in a deep twist pile carpet to give your cat a soft & cosy space to curl up. There are pad cushions inside the compartments and on the top recess platform, to give a softer bed for your cats to sit & sleep on. 


  • Never boring
    Cats love to chase each other up the Trunk. Peep holes at the back of each compartment allows cats to spy on each other. To add excitement, play throw & fetch with the sticky darts and velcro band that can be wrapped around the Trunk.



Our catification systems aren't just different and really cool looking, they are great for helping to improve overall health. Create fun and challenging tracks for your cats on your wall, enriching your cats' indoor environment, focusing on energetic play and secluded relaxation, and providing lots of entertainment for both you and your cat!

Trunk // Standard


❍ A Trunk

❍ 3 access holes

❍ 3 peep holes

❍ 1 climb-through hole for cats to move between the bottom and middle compartments

❍ 3 cushion pads

❍ A darting toy made from a Velcro band that can be wrapped around the Trunk

❍ 10 sticky foam darts

❍ Installation kit (or have us install for you)



☑ Climbing 
☐ Jumping
☑ Resting / perching
☑ Hiding
☑ Sprinting / chasing



☑ Compact homes 
☑ Home offices
☑ Homes with kids 
☑ Homes with more than one cat 


Every item @ FELIMOMO is made-to-order by designers and artists in London and California, and shipped directly to Hong Kong.